DVD in Clear Flex Pak

100 DVDs in Flex Pak


4 color on disc w/ White flood, in a
Clear Plastic sleeve with
4 Color single sided insert,
assembled ...


Only $ 1.49 each!

DVD Replication


1000 DVDs
in Cardboard Sleeves

4 color on disc w/ White flood, in a 4 color two panel sleeve, assembled and shrink wrapped...


Only $ .85 each!

DVD Duplication


Bulk CD and DVD


CD's as low as .19 each !

DVD's as low as .27 each !


500 Retail Ready DVD- 5
in Amaray Style boxes


Includes glass mastering and 4 color silk screen or offset printing with white flood on disc.

Fully packaged in amaray style case and individually cellophane wrapped.


Only $ 1.25 each!


National Releases Manufactured by IMC Optical:High Quality Packaging


Get the Same High Quality, as Large National Releases, on small run Productions.

Best Customer Service, East & West of the Mississippi !


Zero FeesNEW! ...

All Disc duplication printing includes
Glossy finish at no extra charge


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